Considering adoption?

Are you considering an adoption plan?

Adoption is a beautiful way to provide your child with a loving family so he or she can live a happy and healthy life.

Embrace a Jewish Child can help you with the process of selecting a nice loving Jewish family that will provide your child with a happy and healthy home. Furthermore, your child will have the ability to experience his/her rich heritage and celebrate Holidays and timeless traditions with a loving family. We can help you through this crisis and help you find the perfect family for your child based on what is important to you. Best of all, the miracle of adoption is your choice. You have the option to make all the decisions.

Considering adoption is a very heroic decision. As a birthmother who may be planning adoption you are making the ultimate sacrifice for your child. You are giving your baby the gift of life.

"How can I abandon my baby?"

By considering adoption you may feel that you are giving up your baby. Actually you are making a heroic decision by giving your baby the gift of life. You will also have the opportunity to continue with your life and pursue your dreams knowing that your baby was given the opportunity to a wonderful life with parents that you have chosen.

Adoption has changed!

Over the past years there has been consistently more openness fostered in the adoption process. Many birth mothers are having contact with their baby throughout their childhood years. You can speak to a Embrace a Jewish Child counselor to discuss the degree of openness that would best be suited for you in the adoption process.

Why consider adoption?

Adoption is a beautiful way to provide your child with a loving family so he or she can live a happy and healthy life. You will not only be providing your child with the precious gift of life you will also be choosing others to act as parents and raise the child. Adoption may be an option that you are seriously considering, or you may just be wondering what adoption is like, or you may feel that you could never choose adoption. Whatever your thoughts, it is always good to have information about all of your choices before you make a final decision.

Right now, you may not be in a committed relationship and feel unwilling to become a parent without a husband or partner, or you feel like you are too young and do not want to accept this responsibility that comes with raising a child at this time in your life. Your feelings at this time are legitimate and understandable. Know that at the same time that you are struggling with your unplanned pregnancy, there are many wonderful couples who are longing to build a family, yet they cannot give birth on their own. Many of them have tried to conceive for years, often enduring painful, expensive treatment that proved futile. If you choose adoption, you are able to give your child a great life with one of these families and fulfill your dreams for the future you have envisioned for yourself. Although life will never be exactly the same, it will still contain many wonderful possibilities for you.

A birth mother should have the opportunity to participate in the adoption planning process which includes selecting the adoptive family, and meeting them if she so desires. We believe that birth mothers should have control of their adoption plan. Birth mothers or families that reach out to Embrace a Jewish Child  and through our network of adoption professionals, can choose adoptive parents from a large variety of profiles, and even meet their adoptive family prior to the placement and determine the level of openness they will have with adoptive family during pregnancy and afterwards.